lunedì 23 agosto 2010


About Birthspirit

Birthspirit is the wholeness in each of us.

Innately present, deep within us all,

she waits to be discovered as we peel back the cluttering layers of fear

and self doubt that exist in our herstory.

There is no search to be done as she is not lost.

Birthspirit is embodied in ways that reflect the feminine principle.

Her life force, her energy, her power is strongest in women and midwives.

She is most likely to be uncovered at a birth.

Birthspirit belongs to all women and families.

She manifests that which has been unsaid, expressing her self in the language of women.

Knowing her fills the void that exists from the loss of story telling

in our families and our communities.

She enables us to see the depths - and to see the simplicity

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